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Photo: Ventura County Fire PIO

*Update 1/12/18: After what became the largest wildfire in California history, heavy rains caused devastating mudslides in Santa Barbara County. Currently 17 dead and 8 missing. Please continue to support and keep us in your prayers! Love, aloha and God bless!*

Aloha, it is with a heavy heart that I write this as my beautiful city of Ventura is on fire! Even during this tragic time, it has been so amazing to see our amazing community pull together! So many people have stepped up to volunteer, donate, offer meals & housing, not to mention all the first responders who have worked tirelessly to get this fire out! 

My building underwent emergency evacuation on Monday night and when I finally drove off with a car full of "valuables" I thought for sure I would wake up the next morning without a home. By the grace of God, my building survived, but houses on the street immediately behind burned to the ground. Even if I am still under emergency evacuation and unable to go back home yet, I at least have a home to return to, while as of now, five personal friends of mine have lost everything.

In light of this, I have decided to use my site as a platform to be able to help those friends by linking their fundraising pages below. They are 100% legit and I can vouch for all of them. I encourage you all, if you have the resources, to please donate to any of those links or even to any of the other charities who have legitimately been aiding fire victims!

Thank you all for your prayers and all your calls, texts, emails, food & housing, and a special shout out to my Harvest Ventura & BeachSide CrossFit families, stepping up big time while all my immediate family is on the east coast ... I am truly blessed beyond words and I love you all! 

Lanski Family

Craig Family

Pidduck Family

Schmidt Family

Zaid Family

Wyss Family

Additionally, my home church Harvest Ventura is donating 100% of financial giving for the month of December to aid victims of the Thomas Fire! Link to donate here.

Finally, my home gym BeachSide CrossFit is donating 100% of proceeds from our annual BeachSide Beatdown charity competition to fire victims. Saturday 1/20/18. Link to come throw down, spectate or just chip in here.

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'therefore I will hope in Him.'" Lamentations 3:22-24

Photo: Dacia Hayslip

The cross at Grant Park still standing, symbolic of the unwavering hope we have in Christ as a beacon of hope and light. So thankful for this reminder during this time! May it encourage you as well! And please keep your prayers coming as this fire is only 5% contained at this time!

For more info on the Thomas Fire go to

Aloha from Mee!

Aloha friends!

Just wanted to (re)introduce myself in case you're new to the page! My name is Mee, I am an L2 CrossFit trainer, surfer girl, and I make MeeNut Butter 😄 - a delicious mixed nut almond coconut butter that's paleo, non-GMO, and Whole30 Approved with no added sugars whatsoever! Every jar is handmade fresh in small batches and quality & taste are my top priorities 💯‼️ Over the past six years I've purposely kept the operation small (solo for the first half 😓 and added two helpers over the latter half) in order to maintain those two things with zero compromise. So yes, this entire time, yours truly has ground up every. single. jar. you've. purchased. 😳 I've been contemplating expanding this year but nothing has been set in stone yet ... .

Mahalo to every single one of you who has supported and continues to support this humble operation of spreading the MeeNut stoke! My prayer is that not only would I provide the best tasting and highest quality product out there, but that this social media platform would be one to encourage and inspire others towards optimal health, fitness, and pursuing your dreams as I share my faith, triumphs, struggles and the realities of operating a small business. 

Also, I want to reiterate, I do produce a paleo product, highly recommend paleo as a great foundation but not as a one size fits all approach to nutrition as we are all unique with unique needs, and I eat about 80% paleo + rice, some dairy and the occasional donut 🍩. Not all of my posts will be 100% paleo or Whole30 so sub accordingly! I am not a certified nutritionist or health coach so nothing on my page should ever trump doctors' orders or prescriptions from certified professionals. 

Because I do wear a lot of hats, including social media, my posts/replies are sometimes sporadic, so apologies for slow response times and such! I promise I am not ignoring you! I thank God for all of you because without you guys and ultimately Christ's unending grace in my life, there would be no Mee Eat Paleo! So from the bottom of my heart, love & aloha! Soli Deo Gloria - Mee 😊

📷 Michelle Ramirez Photography

Downtown Ventura Farmers Market Updates

Just an update that I will NOT be at the Downtown Ventura Farmers Market on the following dates. Otherwise, I am there every Saturday morning from 8:30am-12pm. The market is on the corner of Santa Clara and Palm in Downtown Ventura. Mahalo and see you there!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Whole30 Starter Kits Now Available!

Starting a Whole30 next month? In the middle of one right now? Know a friend who is doing one? Be prepared with this Whole30 Approved and Non-GMO Project Verified Paleo MeeNut Butter starter kit, now available in two sizes. Order Here!

1. RX: one 8oz jar of each current flavor: Quadruple Nut Power, Pure Almond Power, *ChoCoco Nut Power, *Pumpkin Spice Power

2. Firebreather: one 16oz jar of each current flavor: Quadruple Nut Power, Pure Almond Power, *ChoCoco Nut Power, *Pumpkin Spice Power

*ChoCoco Nut Power & Pumpkin Spice Power are seasonal to winter and fall respectively and availability is limited and may vary.

Current flavors included in the W30 starter kit as of 3/1/17: Quadruple Nut Power, Pure Almond Power, ChoCoco Nut Power

Each jar is handcrafted fresh as always.

Bundles and Gift Sets cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or special offers.

ChoCoco is Back!

Aloha MeeNuts!

Pumpkin Spice Power is officially sold out for the season and ChoCoco Nut Power is officially back in stock! This amazing blend of almond, coconut, cacao and chestnut is sure to get you thru those chocolate cravings during your Whole30! With no added sugars, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Whole30 Approved, it's a dark chocolate lover's dream come true! Order here while supplies last! Mahalo and enjoy!

Shaka Love, Mee :)

Honor & Conquer Podcast

Stoked & truly honored to be a guest on the Honor & Conquer Podcast  ( my very first so check it out! I was nervous and, like, left out so many details, like all the wonderful humans who, like, helped me along the way!!! I'll be sure to fill in those gaps next time but hopefully for now y'all enjoy getting a tiny glimpse into my kooky life before Mee Eat Paleo and beyond!

Be sure to check out the podcasts by Honor & Conquer. Dion is such a great dude and host and his podcasts are always informative and entertaining. Y'all can thank me later! :)

Ventana Monthly Feature

Photo (c) 2016 Rudy Loupias


Guys! They wrote a thing about me! In a magazine!

When I left my corporate job at the end of 2011, and began this crazy journey with Mee Eat Paleo on Jan 1, 2012, I had no idea what God had in store for me ... .

My amazing brother and sister in law bought me a $2500 commercial grinder and next thing I knew, I was in over my head in MeeNut Butter.

Four year and countless sleepless nights later, I honestly still don't really know what I'm doing haha! But I can look back and take comfort and joy in knowing I took a chance, and the Lord provided. I can also smile at the future because I know He will continue to provide for me. God. Is. Sovereign.

I want to encourage all you dreamers out there to keep on dreaming and work your butts off for what you believe in. There really is no substitute for hard work and hard work always pays off. Not always in the form of a big paycheck (which would be nice lol) but, it always pays off.

"I never really intended to be running a nut butter company!" Really! I still can't believe it! And yet, here I am!

Thanks so much to my girl, Emily Savage, for the amazing writeup, The Ventana for the feature, and Rudy Loupias and Michelle Ramirez for the beautiful pics! Honored and humbled! And to all my family, friends, and loyal customers, love and aloha!

Mahalo and see you at the Downtown Ventura Farmers Market on Saturday!!

For the full article check out:

Photo (C) 2016 Rudy Loupias. (For more info on The Young and Brave Foundation check out

ChoCoco Nut Power is Finally Here!

Say aloha to the new MeeNut on the block! ChoCoco Nut Power will begin shipping right around Jan 1, just in time for the New Year, but you can get your pre-orders in now!

Like all the other flavors, this one is also Paleo, Whole30 Approved, Non-GMO Project Verified, with NO added sugars and is handmade freshy fresh! With a hint of roasted chestnut, this is the perfect treat for the dark chocolate lover in you!

Trying to balance the bitterness of cacao is a very delicate art. I'm not gonna lie - it was really tricky getting this chocolate recipe right without adding any sugars like honey, maple or stevia, and I've had countless recipes tossed out the window. I almost gave up altogether. So glad I stuck with it. I'm committed to providing the cleanest and best tasting nut butters, hands down. I hope you all love ChoCoco Nut Power as much as I do!

I'm headed home for the holidays so this will probably be my last post for 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Ingredients: California Almonds, Organic Coconut, Organic Chestnut, Raw Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Vanilla Beans; Contains: Tree Nuts; May Contain: Pieces of nut shells and/or nut shell fragments

Refrigerate for quality.

Please note:

MeeNut Butter is housed in heavy glass jars that require extra TLC for shipping and handling.

Oil separation is natural and may occur. Product may harden/settle en route.

Coconut cream/oil will solidify at & below room temperature (about 70-75 degrees F) so depending on where it is being shipped the nut butter may harden and/or settle en route. If this is the case or if you have it refrigerated, you can easily warm it up by letting thaw out at room temperature or by keeping about 3/4 of the jar in a bowl of hot water for about 15-30 minutes (sadly this will ruin your label but oh well ). You may have to switch out the water a couple times if the butter is extremely cold and hardened. I don't own or use a microwave but if you do, a few seconds in there will work too. Once warmed up, stir and enjoy! 

CrossFit California Regionals Fri May 22 - Sun May 24, 2015

Pictured above: #tbt to my first official MeeNut event ... This May 22-24 I'll be a vendor at CrossFit Calfornia Regionals at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!! Please come find me and say aloha, sample some paleo yumminess and take some home! So grateful for the continued love and support!!

When this pic was taken, I still had a full time corporate job and I was making the MeeNut Butter at home one jar at a time in a Vitamix blender. The motor would burn out every five minutes. Needless to say it took a long time to make. I managed to make a couple hundred jars in time for the event and we sold out before the first day was even over!

Much has changed since this day. I have since quit that job and have been working on my humble little business full time since 2012. The Vitamix has been replaced with an actual commercial grinder to speed things along a little bit and I now operate out of a commercial kitchen. However, every single jar is still handcrafted fresh, start to finish!

California Regionals is my first larger-scale event and I am anxious but stoked at the same time! My business has been growing at a muuuch slower simmer than the vast majority out there, but I wanted to remain small and purposeful in the early years to build a reputation of excellence in quality and service. I firmly believe I have achieved this goal to the best of my ability. Your loyalty over these years proves it!

I couldn't have made it to this point without the help and outpouring of love of amazing family and friends. So grateful for all of you! Words do not do justice.

It would mean the world to me to have your support at Regionals! Please stop by and say aloha, sample some quadruple nut power and bring some home! I plan to make more than a couple hundred jars to bring with me this time. :)


A Tribute to My K.M. & Countdown to the New Year

A Tribute to My K.M. & Countdown to the New Year


K.M.  Short for Korean Mom. K.M.s are infamous for their D.W.I.T. (Do Whatever It Takes) approach to child-rearing in order to churn out elite GPAs, classical music prodigies, doctors, lawyers, olympic athletes, and more from their offspring. An interesting, and oftentimes scary breed of mom … but a momma nonetheless … and I love mine.


Learning to play classical piano at the ripe old age of four


Growing up, there were many moments when I resolved in my sinful little heart that this was NOT the case. These melodramas usually ended with slamming doors and high-pitched yelling from both parties. Definitely not my proudest moments ….

However, with this recent business venture, I’ve come to realize that despite these growing pains, my K.M. was instrumental in shaping who I am today and I owe much of my success to her oftentimes irrational yet loving ways. Here are 5 basic lessons I’ve learned [among hundreds of thousands] that were directly and indirectly taught via my momma’s discipline stick and example.


I was never cut out to be a doctor or nurse but my parents and teachers sure did try to convert me.


1. Never visit anyone empty-handed. As a child I remember my parents always toting a box of fruit or ricecakes whenever we were invited anywhere. I never thought much about it until as an adult I caught myself subconsciously following suit. I see now that it’s a simple expression of respect and consideration for others regardless of roles [who invited who] and social status [who’s who], even if it’s a mere box of fuji apples or asian pears. This is how I want to run my business, showing respect and concern to my customers and hopefully one day my employees. I want to consider others before myself, and I ask all of you to help keep me in check. I don’t exist without all of you!

2. Chew your food. Thoroughly. Or “kok-kok sheep-uh-muh-guh” in Korean. I still get reprimanded for this! We’re always in a rush to do this and go there so the last thing on our minds is making sure we chew our bacon thoroughly before swallowing, right? Tons of studies show the health benefits of chewing food, but what’s more important is that during the act of chewing, you actually get to taste, savor, and enjoy the very thing that will provide nourishment and strength to your body. My life is a hurricane at the moment and my “to do” list has a mind of it’s own, but I keep reminding myself to “kok-kok sheep-uh-muh-guh” this process and remember that the joy is in the journey!

3. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. (I actually just got up to turn off the light in my kitchen haha!) From washing and re-using Bounty paper towels (they really were quite durable!) to turning off the water while brushing your teeth (which I hope all of you do!), my momma would literally shadow me from room to room shutting out lights quicker than you could yell “no rep!” We didn’t have much in terms of material wealth so conservation was the name of the game. As annoying as it was playing light wars with my mom, this was one way she really drilled in the importance of stretching a dollar and making the most of what you have. This mindset has helped me build Mee Eat Paleo to where it is today and will help me in my long adventure ahead.

4. It’s not what you do that matters but howyou do it and mediocrity is not an option. My parents came to America with no formal higher education, their sole motivation being the hope of providing a better life for my brother and me. I’ve watched my momma work at an A&W fast food joint, cashier at Shop Rite, sell Cutco knives, attempt insurance sales, nanny … gosh, you name it! And now she owns and operates a small business. All vastly different but the common thread in all of it was her dedication to hard work through thick and thin. Momma worked her butt off no matter what the task. I adopted my workhorse mentality from her example and I’ll bet I can attribute my success with CrossFit to that as well. Starting your own business is no “walk in the park, Kazansky,” but I hope that I can work even half as hard as my mom did and still does and strive to provide you all with the most excellent products possible.




5. Always say “Thank you.” Repeatedly. While bowing. OK, I suppose the bowing doesn’t necessarily apply here in the U.S. but I’ve definitely learned not to be stingy in the gratitude department. I am nothing without God’s provision and the amazing support of my family, friends, and loyal fans. So although it’s already been expressed innumerably, I’ll tell you yet again, THANK YOU ALL so much from the bottom of my little paleo heart! Your support means so much to me and I am grateful beyond words! And to my dearest momma, thank you so much for everything. I hope to make you proud! I love you!



Today marks my last day at “work” and thus begins the first day of the rest of my life. I didn’t want to wait until “later” to take a stab at chasing my dreams because “later” is a luxury that isn’t guaranteed to everyone. Should I fail, I will rejoice knowing that I gave it a go and did the best I could. Should I succeed, I will rejoice knowing that it was all by God’s provision and sovereignty in my life and I want to ultimately do all things unto the glory of my Maker. So … here goes it!

Happy New Year everyone! 


So stoked you're a fan! Mee Eat Paleo is committed to providing you the best paleo nut butter in all of God's green goodness. Mahalo for your support and enjoy!
Shaka Love, Mee :)


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