Mee Eat Paleo ®


  • What is a MeeNut?
  • The owner’s name is Mee and she creates all the nut butter, hence the name MeeNut Butter. Although she is a bit "nutty" and "special" by nature, unfortunately a MeeNut is not a cool new kind of nut we discovered.


  • What do you mean by RX and Firebreather?
  • They are just fancy names for the 8oz and 16oz size jars respectively. Mee Eat Paleo grew out of a personal need and want for a paleo substitute for peanut butter and as a CrossFit coach and athlete, these terms RX & Firebreather were just a part of my vernacular at the time. RX simply refers to doing a CrossFit workout “as prescribed” thus referring to a typical 8oz size jar. Firebreather refers to a beast of an athlete who goes above and beyond the “prescribed” workout thus referring to the larger 16oz jar.


  • Are you certified organic?
  • As of now, we are not officially certified organic because only some, not all, our ingredients are USDA certified organic. We try our best to source as responsibly and locally as possible. For instance our almonds come straight from the farm here in California and are not fumigated or sprayed; they just do not have the official organic certification.


  • Are you Non-GMO Project Verified?
  • Yes, rest assured all flavors of MeeNut Butters are officially Non-GMO Project Verified. Click here for more info. 


  • It says your products are Whole30 Approved. What is Whole30?
  • Yes, all flavors of MeeNut Butter are officially Whole30 Approved. Click here for more info & be sure to check out our Whole30 starter kits


  • Are your almonds pasteurized?
  • Yes. All almonds in the US are required by law to be pasteurized. So "raw" is not actually raw, rather they are exposed to either chemical or steam pasteurization. However, I make sure that the almonds I use are NEVER exposed to chemicals like PPO (propylene oxide). They are steam pasteurized and grown on a local family farm here in California's central valley.


  • Are your nuts & seeds sprouted? What does that even mean?
  • Not yet. We hope to in the very near future! Sprouting is one of the most effective ways of removing the phytic acid and increasing digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients and simply means they are soaked in water to the point of germination (sprouting) and then dehydrated at a very low temperature.


  • Are your nuts & seeds roasted?
  • Yes. Although not as ideal as sprouting, roasting is another way to help remove the phytic acid and help alleviate digestion and absorption of nutrients. Roasting temperatures are kept low and slow and keep them from burning. Not to mention roasted nuts are also super tasty!


  • Do you add any sugars to your products?
  • NEVER. You can trust that there are never any added sugars in our products, not even ones that are considered "acceptable" such as honey, maple, stevia or coconut sugar. Feel free to add these to our products yourselves for a clean treat but we won't do it for you. ;)


    I put my jar in the fridge and now it's rock hard, what happened?

    Coconut cream/oil will solidify at & below room temperature (about 70-75 degrees F) so depending on where it is being shipped the nut butter may harden and/or settle en route. If this is the case or if you have it refrigerated, you can easily warm it up by letting thaw out at room temperature or by keeping about 3/4 of the jar in a bowl of hot water for about 15-30 minutes (sadly this will ruin your label but oh well ☺). You may have to switch out the water a couple times if the butter is extremely cold and hardened. I don't own or use a microwave but if you do, a few seconds in there will work too. Once warmed up, stir and enjoy! You may opt to store it in your cupboard - if so, do at your own risk and please be sure it is stored away from direct sunlight at or below room temperature.


    Will the oil separate from the nut butter? Oil separation is natural and as with all nut butters not containing any chemicals or preservatives, is bound to happen eventually.


  • Why is shipping and handling so expensive?
  • MeeNut Butter is housed in heavy glass jars that unfortunately require extra TLC for shipping and handling.


  • Why does it take so long to receive my order?
  • Because each jar is handmade fresh by yours truly, please allow up to a 7 day turnaround, not including time in transit. PLEASE NOTE: Selecting expedited shipping will NOT speed up fulfillment, only the time in transit. Thanks so much for your patience! 


  • Discount codes for military/LEO/first responders?
  • We offer a discount on all orders by or for military/LEO/first responders. Please contact Mee for a discount code on your order. Thank you so much for your service!


  • Free shipping codes?
  • We offer free shipping on orders of $250 or more. Please contact Mee for your free shipping code.


  • Free local pickup?
  • Arrange a free pickup or stop by the Downtown Ventura Farmers Market Saturday mornings!  If you’re local to Ventura we will gladly swing by and drop off for free as well! Deliveries outside a 5 mile radius will incur a delivery surcharge based on mileage. Please contact Mee to make arrangements. 


  • Which Farmers Markets are you at?
  • Come say aloha every Saturday morning at the Downtown Ventura Farmers Market on Santa Clara & Palm from 8:30-12!


  • Retail locations?
  • Click here for more info.


  • Returns/Exchanges?
  • We do not offer any returns or exchanges at this time. However, if you receive damaged items or are unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact Mee and we will take care of it for you!


  • Wholesale info 
  • If you have a Business Tax ID and desire to purchase wholesale please Contact Mee for more info. Mahalo!


  • Brand ambassadors
  • We are NOT currently accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors however for more information or to be added to the waiting list please Contact Mee. Mahalo!


  • Sample requests
  • Please no sample requests at this time, mahalo!


    So stoked you're a fan! Mee Eat Paleo is committed to providing you the best paleo nut butter in all of God's green goodness. Mahalo for your support and enjoy!
    Shaka Love, Mee :)


    A small portion of proceeds helps support Compassion International!