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Aloha friends!

Just wanted to (re)introduce myself in case you're new to the page! My name is Mee, I am an L2 CrossFit trainer, surfer girl, and I make MeeNut Butter 😄 - a delicious mixed nut almond coconut butter that's paleo, non-GMO, and Whole30 Approved with no added sugars whatsoever! Every jar is handmade fresh in small batches and quality & taste are my top priorities 💯‼️ Over the past six years I've purposely kept the operation small (solo for the first half 😓 and added two helpers over the latter half) in order to maintain those two things with zero compromise. So yes, this entire time, yours truly has ground up every. single. jar. you've. purchased. 😳 I've been contemplating expanding this year but nothing has been set in stone yet ... .

Mahalo to every single one of you who has supported and continues to support this humble operation of spreading the MeeNut stoke! My prayer is that not only would I provide the best tasting and highest quality product out there, but that this social media platform would be one to encourage and inspire others towards optimal health, fitness, and pursuing your dreams as I share my faith, triumphs, struggles and the realities of operating a small business. 

Also, I want to reiterate, I do produce a paleo product, highly recommend paleo as a great foundation but not as a one size fits all approach to nutrition as we are all unique with unique needs, and I eat about 80% paleo + rice, some dairy and the occasional donut 🍩. Not all of my posts will be 100% paleo or Whole30 so sub accordingly! I am not a certified nutritionist or health coach so nothing on my page should ever trump doctors' orders or prescriptions from certified professionals. 

Because I do wear a lot of hats, including social media, my posts/replies are sometimes sporadic, so apologies for slow response times and such! I promise I am not ignoring you! I thank God for all of you because without you guys and ultimately Christ's unending grace in my life, there would be no Mee Eat Paleo! So from the bottom of my heart, love & aloha! Soli Deo Gloria - Mee 😊

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Written by Mee Lee — June 07, 2017

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So stoked you're a fan! Mee Eat Paleo is committed to providing you the best paleo nut butter in all of God's green goodness. Mahalo for your support and enjoy!
Shaka Love, Mee :)


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