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I am sooo late to the kabocha squash game it's pretty embarrassing but I FINALLY tried roasting a kabocha whole and it was seriously life changing. No more knife fights with the squash and now I can enjoy them more often yay! 

This squash was about a 3 pounder and all I did was wash it thoroughly, put it on a Pyrex pan and roast at 425 F for 1 hour. After letting it cool, I sliced it open, scooped out the seeds (which I saved and will probably roast or candy them) and enjoyed with some scrambled eggs, veggies and topped it with Quadruple Nut Power MeeNut Butter! Happy Monday and happy meal prepping, friends!

P.S. Eating the peel is totally ok and yummy!

P.P.S. I did not poke any holes before roasting and it was totally ok for this squash. Maybe something larger than 3 pounds you may want to poke a couple holes just in case the squash explodes? :D



Written by Mee Lee — October 30, 2017

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