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As promised, here is another onolicious recipe by the one and only Michelle Ramirez, home cook extraordinaire and the photog magician behind Michelle Ramirez Photography. Last month we posted her sweet plantain dish. This month we are posting her savory plantain dish. Give it a try and let me know how much you loved it! :)



(Paleo/Primal) MeeNut Butter Plantain Napolean (with *Goat Cheese) 
(Serves 2)
2 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil (I use Tropical Traditions Organic Gold Label)
1 green plantain (cut in half horizontal once, cut long twice so you have 6 thin slices)
1 spoonful raw organic honey (optional or to taste)
1 tsp chopped organic cilantro
Dash of cayenne pepper
Sprinkles of Pink Himalayan Salt
*organic goat cheese crumbles (optional) 


Heat coconut oil until pan is really hot, then add plantain slices. Fry for 2 minutes on each side or until it has a golden brown crust. Place on a paper towel to drain oil. Set aside. 
Take a spoonful (optional or to taste) of the raw honey and spread on a small plate, add 1 plantain on top of the honey. Spread Paleo MeeNut Butter, sprinkle goat cheese (optional) then add another layer of plantain. Repeat until you reach the 3rd layer.
After the 3rd layer is finished, sprinkle some cayenne pepper, pink himalayan salt, and cilantro. Enjoy!!


Trust me, Michelle, we will!!! :)

Written by Mee Lee — April 28, 2017

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