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My friend Michelle Ramirez, photographer and home chef extraordinaire, created this amazing recipe for Paleo MeeNut Butter & Jelly Plantains! Check out her beautiful work at Facebook: Michelle Ramirez Photography.
Stoked for an upcoming photo shoot with her for Mee Eat Paleo later this month!!!


So without further ado, here's our delicious recipe for February!


Photo: Michelle Ramirez Photography © 2014

3 TBSP organic virgin coconut oil (I like to use Tropical Traditions Gold Label)
1 large plantain
1/2 cup fresh organic blueberries
1/2 cup filtered water
1 TBSP raw coconut palm sugar
2 TBSP Paleo MeeNut Butter
1 TBSP toasted organic coconut chips or shredded coconut (I also get these from Tropical Traditions)
1 TSP ground cinnamon
1 TSP raw organic honey (optional)
Heat coconut oil in a pan untill melted. Slice plantain in half in 2 ways to create 4 pieces. Add to pan. Cook plantains on each side on medium heat until golden brown. In another pan add blueberries, coconut palm sugar and filtered water and cook on medium low until it is reduced into a syrup (stir occasionally to prevent burning). Spoon Paleo MeeNut Butter onto the bottom of a plate.  Add cooked plantains. Drizzle with blueberry syrup. Top with toasted coconut chips and cinnamon. Add raw organic honey if you want more sweetness. Enjoy! :)

Written by Mee Lee — April 28, 2017

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