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Here's my latest chocolate covered rendition of Paleo "MeeNut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches"!! Seriously so good and so simple! Even your kiddos might like them! I mean, you can't go wrong with a chocolate covered strawberry, am I right?! 

I made a version with both strawberries and apples and used Eating Evolved's Signature Dark chocolate. If you use their Midnight Coconut, these would be Whole30 compliant! Try these and let me know how you like them! Enjoy!

Recipe: Chocolate Covered MeeNut Butter Strawberries (and Apples)

1. Rinse some strawberries and apples and pat dry. Leave the strawberry stems on and slice the strawberries in half, keeping the stem intact. Keep peel on and core the apple and cut into slices. Squeeze some lemon juice on them if you want them to keep from browning.

2. Stuff both with your MeeNut Butter of choice. I used Quadruple Nut Power and Pure Almond Power, but they'd all be delicious!

3. Using a double boiler, melt a chocolate bar of choice. I used my fave, Eating Evolved's Signature Dark. 

4. Dip the MeeNut Butter stuffed strawberries and apples in the melted chocolate and line them on a parchment paper covered tray.

5. Let chill in the fridge for 10 min and done! Enjoy!!

Written by Mee Lee — March 19, 2018

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