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Wild Mountain Paleo  


CALIFORNIA Retail Locations:

We are humbled by this privilege of providing a great product to such a great community and we appreciate all you do to get your CrossFit affiliate on board with our product!  Please inquire about what we offer our business accounts in exchange for spreading the Paleo MeeNut Butter stoke!

We embrace every opportunity to visit CrossFit affiliates and meet the coaches and athletes who are involved in this worldwide collaborative effort to reclaim health via clean eating and dedicated training.

If you will have us, we will come ... with jars in hand and ready to throw down a gnarly WOD!


Love the crew at CrossFit RepScheme!


So stoked you're a fan! Mee Eat Paleo is committed to providing you the best paleo nut butter in all of God's green goodness. Mahalo for your support and enjoy!
Shaka Love, Mee :)


A small portion of proceeds helps support Compassion International!